Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emily's PLRP visit

Brought to you by Emily dela Cruz, Bill Taylor's wife and Network Administrator at City Hall in San Francisco.

I was very excited that I could come with Bill to Pavilion Lake. I saw the link to the place and I though of it as so romantic. But, then he mentioned that there are lots of scientists doing research on this lake so I knew it will be work for him. I didn’t go in depth in my reading on what really it is all about. I didn't know how it would work out for me.

Bill always came home from his days at NASA-Ames talking with enthusiasm about some of the exciting events at NASA Ames, especially about the Phoenix lander and the recent discoveries on Mars. He talks a lot about the dedication of the scientists he have encountered and it is a privilege for him to work with Alfonso, who is so passionate doing his work.

The first morning I came to the meeting, I noticed how organized the running of the research project is and I observed how serious everyone is on their given assignment. People here appreciate what others are doing. People are also more conscious of the time factor to get results within a set time frame . I noticed the commitment of all concerned to generate and disseminate knowledge that would contribute to a fuller understanding of everyone’s project. I noticed the long-standing trust and friendship with those who have been with the project and those who are just getting in. I didn’t feel like an outsider, I just amazed at how everyone sets up labs and how each one collaborates with each other.

The place is so beautiful and the view of the lake and the surrounding mountains is so awesome.

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