Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Divers Blog, no not an ear infection…

Mike Delaney PLRP Assistant Dive Safety Officer

“This is Capcom. Over. Deepworker 7 surfacing in twenty-five minutes. Over.” Dale and I begin to get our drysuits on, gather our skin diving gear and head to the boat for a quick ride out to the sub-barge. As we approach we slow down and hold station awaiting the slight disturbance on the surface of the clear blue water. The shiny dome appears and the pilot waves at us, we don our masks and enter the cool water for the sub to dock. Jeff calls the sub “ Deepworker 7 ensure your manipulator arm is down and you can approach the moon pool. Over.” The sub engages its thrusters and moves toward us; we take hold of the Deepworker to ensure that none of the hundred thousand dollar jewelry, as Jeff calls it; of data collecting devices that adorn the sub are not damaged. We spin the sub around to prepare it to be hoisted up with smiling pilot. I’m lucky being in the water with the subs as I have the privilege to see the excitement of the pilots faces before most and view the new discoveries in the collection basket might help shed light on why this lake is so special.

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